Double Degree Program



accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for IV level

(order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated January 20, 2017 No. 9-l)

invites to study under the joint program of "double diplomas" Ukraine - Poland and Ukraine - Switzerland


(Admission-2020 to Polish universities without certificates of external testing)


   The acquisition of higher education by Ukrainians in educational institutions of the European Union is becoming more and more relevant in the modern educational space, which allows Ukrainian students to acquire a foreign experience of professional training in the EU.

   The University has developed a joint Ukrainian-Polish program of bachelor's and masters training programs at the University of Economics in Bydgosche in Poland (International Tourism, Management and Marketing, Logistics, Transport and International Trade, Financial Services).

   The uniqueness of this program is that the training will be carried out simultaneously both in Polish and in the Ukrainian university according to the integrated curricula using innovative teaching technologies. The educational process involves: providing high quality education in accordance with international standards; in-depth study of English, German and Polish languages; semester training and practice in Poland; help and counseling in employment.

    Participants of the "double diploma" program of our University receive:

- state diploma of the European Union (Poland) together with the diploma of Ukraine;

- qualitative training in European educational programs;

- study of foreign languages (English, Polish, German, French);

- participation in academic exchange programs;

- training in partner universities in Poland;

- free student Schengen visa;

- ability to work while staying abroad.


   The Ukrainian-Polish Higher Educational Institution "Central European University" successfully implements the "Double Degree" Program at Swiss universities.

   The University also has developed a joint bachelor and master program for OUS Switzerland (Switzerland, Switzerland) and Swiss Montreux Bussines School (Montreux School of Business in Montreux). This is an international program aimed at giving Ukrainian young people the opportunity to obtain higher education and receive a Bachelor's and Master's degree diploma while studying in Ukraine.

   Graduates will receive diplomas from higher education institutions of Poland and Switzerland, and will be able to continue their studies for obtaining a Master's Degree or to work in the European Union.

    Our goal is to prepare an economically independent and competitive specialist, and we successfully implement this goal.

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